Bays Mountain Park and Planetarium



City Of Kingsport, Tennessee


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Bays Mountain Park, Planetarium and Nature Preserve


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853 Bays Mountain Park Road, Kingsport, TN 37660




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Environmental Education and Space Science complex,


Native Animal Zoological Park, and 3,852 acre Nature Preserve


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Fred Hilton, Senior Naturalist



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·         Bays Mountain Park (BMP) offers hands – on outdoor activities and / or guided tours for students pre-kindergarten through high school. All activities and tours are developed from a combination of the state science standards of Tennessee and Virginia.



·        BMP naturalists work with teachers to customize programs for groups of 30 and under such as individual classrooms and home school groups



·         Internships for area college undergraduates are offered throughout the year



·         Research opportunities are available for graduate, doctorial, and post doctorial students



·         Professional development for teachers can be arranged by request



·         From late May through early August BMP operates an environmentally interactive day camp for students’ grades 1 – 6.



·         Summer Raptor Camp provides students grades 7-12 an opportunity for direct practical experience in handling and studying the birds of prey in BMP’s Raptor Center



·         Bays Mountain Park’s planetarium can recreate representations of the solar system, galaxies, and beyond, that allow students both a spatial and scale understanding of the universe. The planetarium’s capabilities are vast. Customized programs can be designed through close communication between teachers and planetarium staff.


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·         Pre-k through High School


·         College


·         Teachers


·         Other educational professionals



STEM area


Natural and Earth Sciences


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