Hub Goals and Activities




ETSU’s Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub will provide a wide array of activities, projects, and initiatives to boost science, technology, engineering, and math skills designed to increase student learning.  Working with the STEM platform school in Kingsport/Sullivan County, the STEM Hub will support the success of the school through STEM program planning, including creating new programs utilizing best practices and models; teacher training and professional development; STEM curriculum support; stakeholder network development, including new partnerships/incentives to support the STEM school; and STEM learning opportunities for educators from community organizations, STEM professionals, and parents. By fostering regional partnerships, the STEM Hub will engage in a number of activities to advance STEM resources in Northeast Tennessee, including: engaging partnerships with business and industry, providing professional development programs for educators, developing partnerships with informal science centers and museums in the community, creating K-16 connections, and supporting teachers to develop new STEM curricular and instruction. With a long history of advancing STEM education in Northeast Tennessee through research-based practices, the STEM Hub is managed by the ETSU Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education, a partnership between the Clemmer College of Education and the College of Arts and Sciences.


The ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub’s vision is to design and incubate STEM educational models of excellence, while leveraging partnerships in alignment with economic development, to empower all students to excel in a rapidly changing world.


The ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub’s mission is to interconnect K-12 schools, post-secondary education, businesses, non-profits, and community organizations to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and transferable STEM teaching and learning experiences. These STEM collaborations seek to engage students, teachers, develop a skilled workforce, and increase STEM literacy throughout the region.


The ETSU STEM Hub goals are to:

  1. Assist in the design, launch and sustainment of the Kingsport/Sullivan County Platform School
  2. Amplify and accelerate the reach and impact of the STEM best practices, including people, tools and networks
  3. Document effects of new learning experiences on short term and long term student learning, student motivation, and college and career trajectories and performance, with the intent to publish new findings in the education literature
  4. Coordinate and support efforts to seek funding from federal  and private foundations to support STEM education models that prepare students for college and career
  5. Strengthen instructional practices in K-12 STEM Hub Classrooms through professional development for teachers
  6. Develop a region-wide asset mapping project which will identify STEM resources available in Northeast Tennessee and support efforts to capitalize on these assets
  7. Provide a communication network to enhance sharing of expertise and strengthening existing collaboration while building new partnerships
  8. Disseminate STEM innovation and best practices with the TSIN and with other STEM Hubs in the state

Essential Activities:

Train Region’s STEM Educators

Collaborating with area businesses, other educational organizations, and non-profit learning centers/groups, the STEM Innovation Hub will engage the region’s teachers and students with meaningful STEM learning opportunities while cultivating STEM literacy throughout Northeast Tennessee. As an example, the STEM Hub will provide in-depth, high-quality, and sustained professional development opportunities to a critical mass of STEM educators in the region focused on STEM skills while cultivating STEM literacy throughout Northeast Tennessee’s citizenry.

Disseminate STEM Education Innovation

The ETSU STEM Innovation Hub will facilitate the development, implementation, maintenance and promotion of a seamless and collaborative communication system so that there is open and continuous sharing and development of resources, opportunities and promising practices, particularly those that span regions. Through this process the Hub will create and maintain a comprehensive map of STEM resources within the region to be promoted and shared by managing a dedicated website that is comprehensive and contains an easy-to-access STEM database for our region.

Serve asVoice” of STEM in the Community

The Hub will be the “voice” of and for STEM in meetings and venues within the region and convene region-wide dialogs to build awareness, interest and shared beliefs in STEM-related activities and opportunities. The Hub will provide new and innovative STEM opportunities for our region’s teachers and students. We will also act as a regional STEM catalyst to create a learning network by developing sustainable bridges between formal and informal education settings, STEM businesses, teachers, students, and families to build an engaging environment.

Cultivate partnerships

East Tennessee State University possesses exceptional STEM expertise, resources, and well-established working relationships throughout Tennessee with STEM stakeholders. We are the Northeast Tennessee’s premier source for STEM pre-service teacher training and in-service teacher professional development opportunities. Building on these assets, the Hub will cultivate and establish vibrant and robust partnerships with business, foundations, LEA’s, higher education, non-profits, and community organizations to bring authentic, real-world STEM experiences to students in the region.


Building a Vibrant Workforce for the Future

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields have become increasingly

important to our community, state and nation’s economic competitiveness and growth.  We believe the long-term key to our continued competitiveness in an increasingly global economic environment is the adequacy of supply and the quality of the workforce in the STEM fields. One of the Hub’s goals is to cultivate efforts and partnerships among public, private, and not-for-profit entities to provide quality teacher training and promote a renewed science and technology curriculum infrastructure driven by teaching strategies that encourages STEM learning outcomes: inquiry, critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, numeracy, technology literacy, work ethic, responsible decision-making and written and oral communication.  We believe these STEM learning outcomes are essential to building a stronger workforce for our community, state, and nation.


Business Partners

The intent is to enlist new business partners from throughout the region in support of the STEM Hub goals. Our current partners are:  Eastman Chemical Company, Domtar Paper Mill, Wellmont Health Systems, Nuclear Fuels Services, Aero Jet, ALO Industries, LMR Plastics, Snap-on Tools, Mt. State Health Alliance, Niswonger Foundation, Pal’s Sudden Service, 15 school districts, and 3 institutions of higher education

Eastman Domtar Wellmont NFS MSHA ALO Niswonger LMR Walmart Aerojet Pals Snap on