NGSS K-12 Guidemaps

A series of posters showcase correlations between the current Tennessee Department of Education Curriculum Standards for Science Education (TNCSSE) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  This product is an outcome of Science First!, a grant funded through the National Science Foundation Division of Graduate Education; (Grant Number DGE-074234: P.I. Dr. Gordon Anderson).  This STEM Graduate Fellowship Program is supported by East Tennessee State University in partnership with North Side School of math, Science, and Technology, a high need and radcially/ethnically diverse school.  Access website:

The sequence of 18 posters serves as a series of guidemaps between the TNCSSE for grade levels kindergarten through high school and the corresponding NGSS (See  The TNCSSE-NGSS Guidemaps are designed with ease of use in mind.  Care was taken to ensure that the guidemaps are a more effective way to correlate standards than perusing through either state or NGSS's websites.  Educators can use the guuidemaps as a way to adapt their current and past lesson plans to NGSS standards by easily visualizing inclusions and exclusions between the two sets.

Elementary (K-5)

Middle Grades (6-8)

Secondary Grades (9-12) 


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