School Partner Innovations

Innovations from our School Partners

The investment priority of the ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM innovation Hub is to interconnect K-12 schools, post-secondary education, businesses, non-profits, and community organizations to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative, sustainable and transferable STEM teaching and learning experiences. These STEM collaborations seek to engage students, teachers, develop a skilled workforce, and increase STEM literacy throughout the region.

Each month, one or two STEM-related innovations from our Hub partners will be highlighted. This month’s innovations come from the Northeast State Community College and the Greene County School District.


Mobil STEM Unit

John DeLozier, Dean of STEM and Early College


Northeast State Community College is pursuing an initiative to provide a mobile STEM unit for the Northeast TN region.  Ideally, this mobile unit will serve as a teaching resource for public school systems as well as a resource to promote STEM education and expose students as well as parents in the region to STEM concepts and the need for students to pursue these areas academically.  This is not a new model but is one that has to be carefully planned. 

Currently Northeast State is beginning to define how each school system and other organizations can benefit from the mobile unit concept.  Upon completing this research, a conceptual model will be designed and funding sources will be sought to make the unit a reality.  Being part of the ETSU Northeast State STEM Innovation Hub will assist in this initiative and design as members bring knowledge of the true needs of the region.     


Curriculum in the Clouds: A Class of the Future

Wayland Seaton, Secondary Curriculum Supervisor & Assistant Director of Schools


Greene County School District is designing a Curriculum in the Clouds Project where teachers collaborate to develop curriculum activities and projects using curriculum standards from all disciplines. A staff development workshop is planned for October 11 that will focus on integrating the curriculum. We have selected from all areas (English, Math, Science, PE, Art, Music, Business, Agriculture, Special Education) who will work together to integrate the curriculum.  Follow-up sessions will be scheduled on future staff development days. The vision for the project is to provide freshmen teachers the time to integrate curriculum where the standards align. Imagine a room with the freshmen standards posted on the wall and teachers working together to select standards for collaborative teaching opportunities. The grouping of teachers will vary based upon the standards. Sometimes two teachers will work together on a standard, sometimes three or sometimes there may be only one teacher teaching the standard. 


As the project develops, plans are to move away from textbooks to an electronic device to store curriculum, actives, video, recorded lectures and other materials needed by the teachers and the students. Teachers will be able to share curriculum, lessons and projects with other teachers and students. October 11 will be just the beginning of the project as we learn together how we can improve curriculum delivery to our students. Implementation is planned for the class entering high school fall 2013.


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