The Vision of SYMBIOSIS is for students to have an authentic science experience and to develop portable skills' [Authentic Learning for the 21st Century (2007)]that can impact the well-being, security and prosperity of our nation.


  • Is an inquiry-based, active-learning, student-centered curriculum in which Biology and Mathematics & Statistics are coupled beginning at the earliest stages of a student’s college career


  • Meets many of the objectives set forth in: 
        * The National Research Council's report 
           'A New Biology for the 21st Century' (2009) 
  •     * The National Research Council's report 
          'BIO2010' (2003) 
  •      * The National Academy of Sciences, The National      
          Academy of Engineering and Institute of Medicines 
          report 'Rising Above the Gathering Storm, Revisited' 


  •       Careful consideration of the objectives of the 
          SYMBIOSIS modules enabled us to map the modules 
           to these competencies 


  • Prepares students for careers in Quantitative Biology, Biomedical Fields, Research, STEM Education and Academia 

Our Future Plans are to revise, implement and assess the SYMBIOSIS curriculum as our introductory 
three-semester biology course for science majors, pre-professionals and future science educators 
at ETSU in Fall 2012 with the intent of having this revolutionary new curriculum be at the forefront of education reform. 

The initial development of the SYMBIOSIS initiative was funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Grant #52005872 for $1.7M

Last updated:  October 29, 2010

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