Why Choose STEM

Your future can be bright in a STEM career. Have you considered majoring in one of the STEM disciplines (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)?  You may already know that the high demand for STEM workers leads to lower levels of unemployment and higher wages, not to mention opportunities for you to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems:  ranging from global warming, to genetic engineering in agricultural, to medical breakthroughs, to developing sources of clean energy. And STEM jobs are some of the fasting growing jobs in our 21st century economy.

Many of the STEM-related jobs don’t require a bachelor’s degree; some require only a two-year post-secondary degree.  But you need to start preparing for these jobs now.  Did you know that STEM graduates can find work as health care practitioners, teachers, precision manufacturing, top-level managers in the private or government sector, and even writers or artists?

You will need to take as many math and science courses as you possibly can. Of course, these courses can be challenging and demanding.  Remember, it is important that you do your homework and put a lot of effort into your studies.   By equipping yourself now with the needed skills in math and science and technological familiarity, you will have begun to lay a solid foundation for future studies as well as your career goals.  And you should always keep in mind: anything worth accomplishing usually requires a lot of hard work.   

Math and science are cornerstones for building a vibrant workforce for the future.  Your creativity and innovations can contribute to making a better society and solving many of the challenges our planet now faces.  Just think…you may someday serve as a member of a team that finds a cure for Alzheimer’s.  Or you may be the one to actually build a better mousetrap!

Perhaps you are encouraged to consider a career in one of the STEM disciplines.  To support your interest, reach out to your guidance counselor, talk to your science teacher,  or talk to someone who is currently working in a STEM- related field or STEM discipline about STEM careers.  They will be able to provide insight and encourage you along the way.

In addition, our staff at the ETSU Northeast Tennessee STEM Innovation Hub will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Please tell us about your goals and what resources you need to build your STEM career.

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